What is the Cornea?

What is the Cornea?

The Cornea is the transparent area through which light enters the human eye and we can see. When you look at others and see the color of their iris, you are actually seeing their iris through the transparent cornea. The cornea begins it’s development in the mother’s womb far from being transparent- it is thick and swollen. It is actually composed of 5 layers, each with their own function. Any problems with any of these layers or in the growth and maintenance of these layers and a person can experience anywhere from blurry vision to blindness.

Depending on where and when in the maturation process the problem is, it will manifest in a different point on the cornea and will cause a variety of symptoms for the patient- from dry, irritating eyes, to red and inflamed, swollen and painful eyes. Here are a list of common corneal conditions:

  1. Corneal abrasion / Eye Scratch
  2. Contact Lens Over-wear / Corneal Infection
  3. Blunt Orbital Contusion (blunt trauma to the eye / socket)
  4. Keratoconus
  5. Dry Eye Syndrome
  6. Corneal Transplant / Transplant Rejection

There are many reasons why issues with the cornea can result in the need to consult with a cornea specialist. Once you get to the clinic, there are a number of exams that can be done in addition to the comprehensive ocular exam done by our clinics. Those advanced systems may include but are not limited to optic coherence tomography (OCT), ultrasound bio-microscopy, corneal pacchymetry, corneal topography and/or specular microscopy. Our specialists may also order further exams to help protect your vision but each patient is different and so the approach to their illnesses can be very tailored to their needs.

At Vision Specialists of California, we take the utmost care to fully evaluate and treat your eyes according to the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (USA certifying body). We treat you with the time and respect you deserve as not just another patient, but a fellow human being and a member of our community. Please Call (619) 501-9050 or contact our offices to set up a consultation with our specialists and get the care you deserve.


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