General Eye Care

What is General Eye Care?

General eye care is the practice of maintaining the general health and well-being of our eyes and vision. The human eye is extremely complex and fascinating. Some of the most intricate neurological tissue can be found inside the eye, and researchers now believe that this neurological tissue may actually be a part of the brain itself, rewired through evolution to accept visual stimulus directly.   Through decades of study, physicians and researchers have been able to conduct extensive explorations of the human eye and the many illnesses that can affect it over the course of our lives. General eye care is the practice of maintaining the general health and well-being of our eyes and vision.

Primary Eye Care

Just like your primary care doctor checks your weight, heart rate, and blood pressure every year during your annual physical, so too are the measurements your primary eye care doctor will make at every visit important. These measurements are to determine if you are having any issues with your vision or eyes that need to be addressed. The main five measurements your eye doctor will check are vision, eye pressure (pressure of the fluid inside the eyes), movement of the eyes, pupils, and your field of vision in all directions.  Your ophthalmologist or eye care specialist may also check your color vision, optic nerve, macular integrity, and the drainage system inside your eye, as well as do a dilated exam the optic nerve and retina.

Other Eye Care Issues

There are many other issues that may bring patients to our offices. Depending on your eye care history, the eye care doctors at Vision Specialists of California can check for issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, among many others. We can also handle urgent or emergent eye problems including eye infections, retinal tears/detachment, high eye pressure/Glaucoma, vision loss, and trauma, just to name a few.


Your annual appointment with the ophthalmologist/specialist may also include an exam for glasses or contacts, as well as the refilling of any prescriptions or eye drops you take. For specialized refills, please call to speak to a medical assistant at our office today.

At Vision Specialists of California, it is our duty to fully evaluate and treat your eyes according to the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. We treat you with the time and respect you deserve as not just another patient, but as a valued member of our community.

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